wind [1] NOUN 1) the perceptible natural movement of the air, especially in the form of a current blowing from a particular direction. 2) breath as needed in physical exertion, speech, playing an instrument, etc. 3) Brit. air swallowed while eating or gas generated in the stomach and intestines by digestion. 4) meaningless talk. 5) (also winds) (treated as sing. or pl. ) wind or woodwind instruments forming a band or section of an orchestra.
VERB 1) cause to have difficulty breathing because of exertion or a blow to the stomach. 2) Brit. make (a baby) bring up wind after feeding by patting its back.
get wind of — Cf. ↑get wind of
it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good — Cf. ↑it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
put the wind up — Cf. ↑put the wind up
sail close to (or near) the wind — Cf. ↑sail close to the wind
take the wind out of someone's sails — Cf. ↑take the wind out of someone's sails
to the wind (s) (or the four winds) — Cf. ↑to the winds
DERIVATIVES windless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.
wind [2] VERB (past and past part. wound) 1) move in or take a twisting or spiral course. 2) pass (something) around a thing or person so as to encircle or enfold them. 3) (with reference to a length of something) twist or be twisted around itself or a core. 4) make (a clockwork device) operate by turning a key or handle. 5) turn (a key or handle) repeatedly. 6) move (an audio or video tape or a film) back or forwards to a desired point. 7) hoist or draw with a windlass, winch, etc.
NOUN 1) a twist or turn in a course. 2) a single turn made when winding.
wind down — Cf. ↑wind down
wind up — Cf. ↑wind up
ORIGIN Old English, «go rapidly», «twine»; related to WANDER(Cf. ↑wanderer) and WEND(Cf. ↑wend).

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